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Date:2014-06-09 Print

CBMA has a number of first-grade comprehensive scientific research and designing units and engineering companies, among which many professional institutes stand the top 100 enterprises in the forefront rank of engineering survey and design. CBMA owns all levels and kinds of engineering qualification and foreign related engineering contract qualification in the fields such as building materials, daily use silicate, construction engineering, new energy engineering, light industry machinery, engineering design for environmental pollution control project, engineering consulting, project inspection and EPC, etc. and establishes "four-in-one" industrial pattern by integrating scientific research, design, equipment manufacturing and EPC. Engineering design, equipment manufacturing and EPC of some industries such as cement, glass and etc. have come to or approach the advanced world level. The international engineering projects are widely distributed in Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, CIS, Middle East, South America, South Asia and many other countries and regions.