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Date:2014-06-09 Print

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of CBMA, China Building Material Test and Certification Group Co. Ltd. (CTC) is the most large-scale and comprehensive test and certification service agency. Based on the fields of building materials, inorganic non-metallic materials and construction engineering, CTC explores applicable and theoretical research in terms of basic, prospective and common key technologies of testing and certification, as well as relevant standardization work. CTC provides services to the society third-party analytical testing, inspection and certification, arbitration and appraisal, and auditing assessment in respects of material analysis, product quality, engineering quality, environmental quality, measurement audits and proficiency testing, product and management analysis, low carbon and energy management, environmental impact and cleaner production, safe production and  occupational health and etc. Furthermore, CTC carries out extensive international cooperation and mutual recognition, the service covering more than 20 countries and regions, and undertakes testing and certification for the products made by Europe, ECE, CE, GS, DOT America, IGCC, AS Australia and other countries and regions.